Company Profile

Divine Realtors & Developers lived up to the expectations of the masses by providing them with their dream homes. Truly, relations were constructed alongside buildings. Till date, the company has constructed more than 2,00000 sq. ft. in & around Pune in various schemes of apartments, societies, bungalows & commercial projects.

Divine Realtors & Developers is renowned for its Commitment, Quality & Innovation. The name is also well known for the correctness of locations, competitive rates, construction quality, timely possessions, professionalism, business ethics, and transparency in transactions, reliability & honesty.

Our Objectives, Strategy, Vission & Mission


Company Objectives

The main objective of the company is to provide quality and right location housing with modern amenities to the society. This should essentially happen at competitive rates and on stringent deadlines. The company aims to grow its business through trust and confidence by continually improving its system to enhance customer satisfaction.


Corporate Strategies

Customer satisfaction & Quality Construction are the Key Words for the company. The company values its relationship with its customers --- past, present and future --- and endeavours not only to stand upto their expectations, but surpass them. The company also values its relationship with its architects, structural designers consultants, Legal & Financial consultants, various govt. & semi-govt. agencies & departments, financial institutions & bankers, suppliers, contractors, etc


Our Vission

The company believes in giving better and better homes with the edge of a tremendous price advantage. To improve the company’s financial command, Divine Realtors & Developers intends to diversify in new & wide areas of operations along with the fulfillment of its social responsibilities. The diversification will indeed strengthen the company, thus enabling production of better housing. The company’s vision is to establish itself as a one stop provider of all housing needs to customers of every segment.


Our Mission

“Building Relations through Construction” is the company’s motto. The directors, who have carried on the mission like torch bearers of the company, have always believed in the great idea of providing superlative homes at affordable costs. This belief has translated into a multiplying customer trust and confidence. The company will continue to meet all customer expectations with a missionary zeal and keep winning the most prestigious award time after time ---the customer’s delight.


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