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Majestic Villa

In the high sky of Pune city we are creating a NICHE a privileged abode for the deserved ones, we are bound to deliver an above premium products for extraordinary life & living. Majestic villa is a state of the art project intended to give the grandeur of space to the user. There are three villas in this project Royal (6661 sq.ft.) and Imperial (7213 sq.ft.). Majestic villa is designed keeping in mind the concept where each user will have an unique opportunity to shape your living space according to your tastes and values. It provides you with a living experience that is distinct and exclusive. From the entrance lobby to the car park, from the terrace to the landscaped gardens, Majestic villa enthralls. it will hold you and your guests spellbound.

The bungalows in the city of Pune - will dazzle, decked with the brilliance of individual homes each a signature of the owners identity, values and tastes

Distance from Key Facilities

Hospital : 5 Km.
School : 7 Km.
Railway Station : 8 Km.
Airport : 4 Km.
City Center : 5 Km.

Property Details

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Aminity Details

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Location Map